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- Cotton mop replacements -

- Cotton mop replacements - Cotton standard mop without band and standard mop thin/thick cotton with thread connector

- TNT mop replacements -

- TNT mop replacements - Eco mop TNT plissè/twisted without band and standard mop eco TNT plissè/twisted with thread connector

- Microfibre mop replacements -

- Microfibre mop replacements - Microfibre mop without band and standard microfibre mop with thread connector


  • Standard mop thin cotton with universal connector;
  • Standard mop thick cotton with universal connector;
  • Cotton standard mop without band;
  • Eco mop TNT twisted with thread connector;
  • Eco mop TNT twisted ;
  • Eco mop TNT with thread connector;
  • Eco mop non wowen stripes;
  • Micrifiber mop with thread connector;
  • Microfibre mop;
  • Standard dust mop complete. Back:cotton Yarn:thick cotton;
  • Acrylic dust mop complete. Back:cotton Yarn:acrylic;
  • Plastic frame sweeper with plastic handle holder;
  • Aluminium handle with hole;
  • Aluminium handle with italian thread;


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